Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Campers 6.6.08

We were woken this morning to Reveille playing as our campsite backs right up to The Presidio where the Military's Defense Language Institute is located. For you non-military folks out there who don't know what Reveille goes like this... doot doot doodle oot, doot doot doodle oot, doot doot doodle oot, doot doooo doot, doot doot doodle oot, doot doot doodle oot, doot doot doodle oot, doot doooo...etc. And it typically signals the troops to wake up. You can also click to hear it here... reveille.mp3

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today and it was spectacular. My favorite exhibit by far was the Jellyfish exhibit. I'm just amazed by their beauty & grace and could sit & watch them for hours on end. When I asked Michael what his most memorable part was....he said, and I quote "Paying $50 to go see the Sea Otters which, in the display, were motionless & boring and looking out into the ocean and seeing a wild one....for free!" hahaha... You see, we were outside watching the wind churn up the water & watching a little sailboat with triple reefed sails when - hey look! A Sea Otter was playing in the ocean below and was extremely animated! But seriously...the aquarium was absolutely fantastic.

Visit their website...http://www.montereybayaquarium.orgwhere they have eight live webcams. They have feedings & you can watch this also. The Kelp forest is @ 11:30 & 4pm and has a ton of fish. The Sea Otters are @ 10:30, 1:30, & 3:30, and the Outer Bay which has Sea Turtles, Tunas, Sharks & Barracuda is @ 11am on Tues, Thurs, Sat, & Sun only.

Afterwards we had lunch at Willy’s BBQ house right on Cannery Row but since it was so cold & windy, decided to bail on walking the shops.

So as I’ve mentioned several times I’m sure…it’s been freezing fricking cold out here & we decided enough is enough, it’s time for long johns. We had strongly considered it before we left but figured we’d wing it until it got too cold to handle. The time has come! So…a quick trip to REI (actually we tried 4 places before finding any at REI) and a wonderful assistant manager, Anthony, and we’re sitting pretty…and warmly in our new thermals tonight. We’ve decided Long Johns make happy campers….hahaha…

The Ranger has advised us it’s considered Extreme Fire Danger because of the high winds & dry conditions and we should be ready to not have a fire. I only hope it doesn’t happen.

Our campsite was visited by some raccoons last night and our neighbor campers have a family of 12 coming right up to them! We didn’t leave any food out but that didn’t stop them from climbing all around the campsite & on the top of the Jeep to look!

Michael managed to get a small patch of poison oak in Big Sur and has been babying it the last couple days. At REI, we purchased a scrub that’s supposed to remove the oils from the skin & make the rash go away quickly. He’ll use it tomorrow and see if it helps.

More to follow…


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