Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Partington Cove 6.4.08

We headed out this morning for a hike at Partington Cove, about 17 miles from our campsite. What a treat!! It was super windy and cold when we hit the turnoff and we considered bailing but figured after we got our heart pumping we'd warm up. We took off down a steep hill with switchbacks criss-crossing down the hill. At the bottom of the hill was a 'Y' in the road and we decided to go left first. This path took us across a cool bridge where we were immediately in the Redwoods.

A little further took us through an even cooler tunnel, which led us right to the ocean!
The water was a magnificent turquoise blue and because of the high winds, the waves were pounding around us! There was a kelp forest in the cove and we sat on the bench and watched the sea lions frolick in the ocean below us.

We came back up the trail & made a right which led us to a fresh-water stream that made it's way into the ocean.

It was really beautiful & a treat to listen to a bubbling brooke with one ear and the ocean with the other. The beach here had large stones & we searched for some fabled jade...but didn't find any. We made a little Feng Shui rock castle & then hit the trail for the all-uphill portion of the hike. Surprisingly, we weren't cold at all when we arrived at the top! Go figure...

More to follow...
{GMST}36|10.579|N|121|41.576|W|Partington Cove - A magnificent hike!|Partington Cove hike{GEND}


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