Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bend, Oregon 4.7.09

We made it to Bend with no issues. We’re still getting our spittle of oil and a couple drips but it doesn’t appear to be a problem. We didi find a problem with the refrigerator, it doesn’t work in battery mode for some reason so we will have to figure out if there’s a bad relay or what. The van is doing well – cruising along and earning about 20mpg. And that’s fully loaded! So we are not complaining. OK, I’m complaining a little bit. What in the world made us trade in our nice new vehicle for a 25 year old vehicle?! With 25 year old seats!! I’m sure they are made out of hardwood! I’m glad to get out of the vehicle and stretch whenever possible. Haha. We did find a nice selling feature of our particular van….the heat vents are all routed to the passenger side! And as you know, Michael is the ‘Polar bear’ of the family, needing no heat at all while I’m often cold so it seems to be a good thing! Now I might change my mind when we are heading back down to Mazatlan, but for the cold temps, it’s perfect! Keeps my toes nice and toasty warm.

The drive is pretty boring – Oregon is so beautiful it puts me to sleep. We came up the 5 to the 97 into Eastern Oregon. Lots of rolling hills, snow capped mountains, cattle, tall trees, sheep, & not much else. I will say Spring is definitely in the air…the trees are budding and beginning to flower with beautiful colors, the animals that we see all have little ones running alongside, and the grass is trying to go green. Today has been in the upper 60’s and overcast. We saw Klamath mountain and lake, which was very pretty.

We came into Bend and took the scenic route until finding a place to stay the night. We haven’t slept well for the past couple nights and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Cheney, Washington, near Spokane where Michael’s grandma Alvina lives.

More to follow…


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