Saturday, April 11, 2009

It’s SNOWING!!! 4.11.09

It has snowed on us twice so far today. SNOW!! What were we thinking?!!

SNOW in Canada!

We woke up this morning and the inside of the van was 40 degrees. BRRR!!! Thank goodness we brought both a blanket and a comforter so we can stay decently warm while we’re sleeping. And we were parked close enough to the bathrooms that I could open the van door and do the crazy chilly dance only a couple seconds until reaching the bathroom doors and make it inside the nice warm bathroom. Ahhh…now that’s living! Haha…

We got on the road quickly as Michael read we had snow coming and we don’t want to get caught in it. And of course, hours later, once the coffee has finally kicked in, I can find no such report so I think he was just messing with me. So cruel… The scenery has become more and more white. We’ve climbed in elevation to about 1,100 feet so far and everywhere we look there is snow or ice. All of the lakes & streams are mostly iced over and there’s about a foot of snow everywhere else you look. The roadways are clear and it’s been a pretty nice drive. The Van is doing perfect, no issues at all. It’s not setting any land-speed records but it’s chugging right along and still getting about 20mpg even on the crazy hills we’ve been climbing. The heater works very well on my side and of course, I’m all bundled up – sweats, 2 shirts, a jacket, & ugg boots. Michael….stands out like a sore thumb in his shorts & tank top. Only today has he begun wearing a sweatshirt. I swear he’s part polar bear!!

We continue to see animals everywhere. We saw a bald eagle today, resting high on the top of a tree. We’ve seen Canadian geese, ducks, deer on the side of the road munching the grass, cattle, horses, sheep & lambs, and a bear! Well, it may have been a dog – but it was a bear shaped dog and the biggest dog I’ve ever seen! Haha… We’ve seen signs warning of moose in the roadway, but haven’t seen one yet. And there are lumber yards all over – with thousands – probably more – trees cut down waiting to be made into wood. It’s amazing to see that many trees piled up. And it’s impossible to get a picture of them! I have tried each time we see them and haven’t managed to get one single clear photo. Oh well.

SNOW in Canada!

We drove up Highway 97, known for the gold rush ‘houses’, stopovers for weary travelers in the Gold Rush of 1858. We are now on the Canadian Hwy 16, where we will go up & over the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our plan is to drive until almost dark tonight and find a place to stop. No matter where we stop, it will be cold so there’s no place better than the next. I’ve been bored silly on this trip so far. I have finished sewing my pillows (which look great!) with leftover material from the curtains & porta potty cover, have read, & read, and watched the scenery go by. It’s a hard knock life for us.

More to follow!


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