Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whistler 10.6.11

We left the Seton Dam Campground and headed down to Whistler. It was a quick trip through amazing windy roads going up & down mountain passes. This is the Canadian Rockies and the mountain views are just spectacular. Tony from the campground told us they had their first snow the night before so the tops of the mountains are dusted with a light snowfall. It's very picturesque.

The gorgeous mountains near Whistler

We stopped alongside the road at one point by a lake that was crystal clear and had some of the most amazing reflections!

Amazing reflections on this lake near Whistler!

We made it to Whistler mid-morning and drove to the village to check it out. We spent a couple three hours wandering through both the upper & lower village which I can only describe as 'cute'. There are tons of shops, eateries, boutique shops, and coffee shops to check out.

Upper Whistler Village

During the summer the mountain is used for mountain biking and there were plenty of riders up and down the mountain.

Mountain Biking in Whistler

As we walked up to the Upper Village, we stumbled upon a group of 3 bears munching on grass right near the lifts. Cute little guys!

Bears in Whistler

But I couldn't help to take a photo of where exactly they were located...haha!! I don't know about you but I would keep my kids close...

Bears in Whistler

And no visit to Whistler would be completed without visiting Olympic park where they had the medal ceremonies...

Olympic park in Whistler

And the Inuit man!

Olympic park in Whistler

Our campground tonight is just North of Whistler about 5 minutes and is another gorgeous site - though it should be for the prices they're getting! Even in the off-season a site is $35+tax. But it sure is gorgeous!

Olympic park in Whistler

Another relaxing evening.... Tomorrow we splurge! :-)
More to follow...


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