Saturday, June 7, 2008

Maint & Movie 6.7.08

Today was a nice easy-going day….a sort of maintenance day. We took the day to do laundry, hang around town, search for some geocaches, & take in a movie.

There are a couple geocaches around us so we took off first thing this morning to look for them. The 1st one was a multi-cache, meaning it had more than one find. This one had two and when you find the first cache, it gives you coordinates for the next cache. It was on a hiking trail so we decided to hike it back to the campsite to see where we ended up. While we were hiking we saw two bucks! The 2nd geocache took us on another hike around the area & we ended up with two travel bugs where you take a numbered, trackable item from cache to cache & log where it goes. The two we found are both from Monterey so we’ll take them camping with us and try to place them in San Fransicso.

We went into town for laundry & lunch and during laundry, I went across the street to ‘B’s Coffee House’ and asked to plug in & check e-mails. The owner was very gracious and had no problem with it. We were right around the corner from another geocache so after laundry, we hit that one as well. Inside was another travel bug and a disposable camera asking you to take a photo of yourself! What a cute idea…

Michael’s been jonesing to see the new Indiana Jones movie so we went this afternoon. He liked it a lot.

Tomorrow we’re headed to Santa Cruz!
More to follow…


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