Friday, October 14, 2011

Baker Lake, WA 10.14.11

We left Joe & Deb early Friday morning, taking two ferries to get over to Washington. First was Fulford to Schwartz Bay and then Sydney to Annacortes. We were a bit worried how customs and immigration would treat us as we could only imagine the questions they were about to ask! We were expecting to be pulled aside – separated and given spousal abuse literature. Thankfully, I didn’t have two black eyes and no one asked. We breezed through both customs and immigration, only having to give up our firewood.

Scooby riding along on the ferry to Sydney

It was a gorgeous day, nice & clear and we had gorgeous views of Mount Baker during our ride – gorgeous!

Mount Baker

We didn’t arrive in Annacortes until nearly 3pm and needed to find a campground a few hours down the road. We ended up finding an amazing spot near Baker Lake called the Kulshan Campground. It is a campground offered by the Seattle Power & Light and is free of charge. We arrived right at dusk and were pulling into a spot as another guy was just leaving. Michael got out to see how level we were when the guy told us his spot had power – sold! We waited just a couple minutes and were soon plugged in and enjoying a nearly empty campground (only us and one other rig).

Scooby riding along on the ferry to Sydney

The next morning we were up & moving, headed to Colville, Washington via the North Cascades Highway...gorgeous!

Traveling through the North Cascades

We arrived at Captain Don's house who knew of my injury and was prepared....with an injury of his own! He had painted his front tooth black, and had even painted the tooth of his crazy dog, Maggie Mae! LOL!! You can imagine, Maggie Mae's was licked off within seconds, but the sentiment was there. It's good to be loved...

Traveling through the North Cascades

We're going to spend the next few days with our good friends Captain Don & Ursula and are looking forward to the visit!

More to follow...


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