Sunday, June 8, 2008

Manresa State Beach Santa Cruz 6.8.08

We left Monterey late morning and headed for Santa Cruz. A quick stop to REI netted me another long john top and in the same parking lot at Best Buy we found a fix to our laptop charging problem – a 150 watt inverter. We have an inverter onboard but it’s a not a pass-through charger – it has a battery and feeds off this battery. The problem is we can’t seem to get the battery charged up enough to charge anything else! We purchased a simple inverter and our problem is solved.

We arrived at Manresa State Beach in Santa Cruz around 1:00. Manresa is a hike-in campground, you must leave your vehicle in the parking lot at the entrance to the park. So we humped all our gear in (and we don’t travel light!) and setup. We have a campsite just near the main entrance, overlooking the campground & the ocean. The campsite itself is pretty blah…no grass – only dirt & hay on the ground with few trees.

After setting up, we headed in town for a late lunch at a local’s favorite called “Carpo’s” and for some strange reason, ‘Jill’ (our GPS) took us home with a detour at 31 flavors…haha.

The campsite is most full, at least the entrance says it’s full, and there are several families around us with precocious 1 & 2 year olds!!  The moon is a thumbnail in the sky & it’s crystal clear. Temps today were in the 60’s with lows in the 50’s.

Tomorrow we’re doing our tourist items…visiting “The Mystery Spot” & the boardwalk, & of course hopefully find some geocaches.

Oh…we can add to our list of creatures seen….a skunk!! Luckily, we were more scared of him than he was of us but came within 10 feet of our firepit as we were sitting here!!

More to follow…
{GMST}36|55.110|N|121|51.001|W|Manresa State Beach, Santa Cruz, CA!|Manresa Santa Cruz{GEND}


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